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About Us

MAXIA is an Israeli company producing cosmetic products and personal care products.

The sources of inspiration for us are beauty and primordial nature.

Natural extracts, ingredients and oils are the basis of clinically tested products of the company, enriched with a full range of vitamins and valuable plant substances.

Our highly professional staff uses modern equipment, natural raw materials (and cosmetic ingredients) and strictly adheres to the system of stage-by-stage quality control.

In the collection of our products you will find exactly what you need: from balanced cosmetic lines for all ages to a complete set of personal care products for both women and men.

Daily use of MAXIA cosmetic products effectively softens, smoothes, cleanses and refreshes your skin. You will get maximum results in the shortest period of time, after only seven days, age-related and mimic wrinkles start to reduce, while the facial skin becomes velvet smooth firmer and more elastic.

The company's products are presented in the cosmetic and perfume markets in Europe, the USA, Russia and Israel.

Join us because MAXIA is your lucky ticket to the eternal carnival of beauty and youth!