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Collagen Night Cream 50ml

Collagen Night Cream 50ml

  • Brands: Maxia
  • Product Code: Collagen Night Cream
  • Availability: 999
  • ₪380

Intensive innovative night cream is designed for skin care of the face, maintaining its water balance and preserving youthful look.

This face cream is formulated with collagen, Shea butter, and hyaluronic acid. It effectively absorbs into the epidermis layers, and provide moisture during the night. Enriched with allantoin and bisabolol that calm and soothe the skin, tocopherol one of the most effective antioxidants, this formula prevents and reduces age-related signs.



• Prevents the appearance of fine lines and puffiness, nourishes the skin during sleep

• Accelerates skin regeneration, giving it freshness and healthy appearance

• Soothes problematic and sensitive skin


How to Use:

Apply evenly on the clean face and massage gently until fully absorbedAvoid contact with eyes.


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