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Collagen Collectoin


Collagen is a protein that forms the basis of the connective tissue of the body (tendons, bones, dermis) and ensures its strength and elasticity. With age, the production of own collagen slows down, and this process is exacerbated by exposure to environmental pollution, sunlight and other natural factors.

The use of MAXIA collagen products will help to compensate for the lack of collagen production by the body, maximum results are achieved in the shortest possible time, after 7 days, a reduction in age and facial wrinkles is observed, and the skin of the face becomes more elastic.

MAXIA Collagen Line - This is your chance to extend youth!

Collagen Day Cream 50ml

Intensive innovative day cream is designed for skin care of the face, maintaining its water balance..


Collagen Eye Cream 30ml

MAXIA innovative Collagen Eye Cream targets existing wrinkles and expression lines, while preventi..


Collagen Eye Mask 50ml

This rejuvenating eye mask actively combats puffiness and dark circles, stimulates blood circulatio..


Collagen Face Mask 50ml

This unique face mask with high concentration of collagen is designed to improve skin turgor, remo..


Collagen Face Serum 30ml

Highly effective collagen serum is designed to correct age-related skin changes, maintain its water..


Collagen Night Cream 50ml

Intensive innovative night cream is designed for skin care of the face, maintaining its water bala..


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